This is one of the oldest schools
in Kyrgyzstan. Cracks run down its walls.
Studying in a school like this
is life-threatening.
But it’s far from the only one.
There are 204 dilapidated schools in Kyrgyzstan,
or every tenth school in the country
172 of them
can no longer be repaired.
Every day children and teachers risk their lives in these schools, which could fall apart
at any moment.
Another 395 schools
need major repairs.
In many schools, there has been no significant work done since the day the buildings were put into operation.
More than a quarter of Kyrgyzstan’s schools are in a deplorable condition.
At least 300,000 children study in these schools every day.
More than 80% of schools in Kyrgyzstan are “structurally unsafe”, according to a 2011 nationwide assessment by the Ministry of Education and UNICEF.
Ten years later, we went back to find out what has changed.
We found that across the country, thousands of children and teachers are still at risk of serious injury.
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